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Group Framework

Celebrating Woman International seeks to establish a virtual Celebrating Woman Worldwide Center and Hall of Honour starting in 2020. We want to celebrate and honour women's histories, contributions, sacred customs, and societal advances that have had a profound impact on the world in an effort to foster peace and goodwill globally. Learn more about the objectives of our women's group.

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Celebrating Women International Host Royal Private Book signing with
Her Royal Highness Princess Michael of Kent in the Bahamas.
Book Signing

Book Signing Sequence

Celebrating Women International, at Government House Governor-General, Her Excellency the Most Hon. Dame Marguerite Pindling hosted Celebrating Women International Private Book Signing with Her Royal Highness Princess Michael of Kent on Saturday, the 16th of February 2019. Also present was Mrs. Patricia Minnis, wife of Prime Minister the Most Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis. Princess Michael of Kent in her autobiography, "A Cheetah's Tale," tells of growing up in Mozambique, raising a cheetah called Tess, and the incredible bond that can exist between humans and animals. She is pictured left, signing a copy and presenting it to the Governor General, and standing with the Governor General and Mrs. Minnis.

Smiling Ladies

Shaking Hands

Meet and Greet Receiving Line
Holding Hands Meet and Greet After Book Signing

Who We Are

Celebrating Woman International (CWI) is a group of women's advocates in The Bahamas, United States, and Canada, that supports women's rights. Our main focus is to celebrate, honour and unite women worldwide so they can positively thrive in and change their world. This can be achieved through teaching, promoting and demonstrating the importance of sponsoring, assisting, networking, mentoring and relying on one another to further women’s causes, including supporting the fight against HIV/AIDS, cancer and other debilitating diseases that affect women. Celebrating Woman International will also focus on leveraging women’s untapped leadership capabilities, with a goal of not only building community across cultures, but also creating and sustaining a unique global education initiative for individuals of all walks of life.

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