Celebrating Women International

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Celebrating Women International Two

About Us

CWI is committed to honouring and uniting its members and others by choosing language and actions that show profound respect, deep care and high regard for them. Look below for a deeper understanding of our specific goals.

General Outline

I. Creating Connections and Partnerships

• Expecting the best from ourselves and others
• Being fully present and attentive
• Acting with compassion toward ourselves and others

• Expressing what is so for ourselves and exploring what is so for others
• Agreeing to disagree to ensure that all opinions are acknowledged
• Agreeing that there is more than one right way to accomplish something

II. Honoring Multiculturalism, Diversity, and Inclusion 

• Seeing ourselves and others as valuable human beings
• Thinking about our perceptions, thoughts and feelings toward ourselves
  and others

• Being open to new possibilities, and acting in new ways
• Operating with curiosity vs. judgment
• Asking for feedback and clarity to gain understanding

III. Educating and Learning from Others 

• Challenging our assumptions and thoughts
• Becoming more aware of our words and actions, and their impact on others
• Discovering how others think and feel
• Attending/participating in events and classes whenever possible

IV. Celebrating Ourselves and Others

• Celebrating and sharing our gifts, talents, and contributions with others
• Discovering the gifts, talents, and contributions of others
• Acknowledging and appreciating the gifts, talents and contributions of others
V. Inspiring a Spirit of Service and Giving among Women
• Offering to participate with, serve, and help other women
• Asking for support/help for ourselves
• Preventing gossip or triangulation in relationships
• Giving financially to help others go further
VI. Embracing Our Power by Taking Action to Lead
• Acknowledging our strengths
• Building equal partnerships
• Learning to mentor, champion, and sponsor all women

VII. Balancing Our Health, Safety and Well-Being
• Recognizing and meeting our own needs to ensure our mental, physical
  and spiritual health
• Engaging our minds and hearts in wholesome thoughts and activities to
  reach our fullest potential
• Actively participating in activities that reduce stress and promote good health

• Supporting the fight against HIV/AIDS, cancer and other debilitating diseases
  that affect women
• Heightening awareness of our surroundings to foster a safer environment
  for ourselves and others


CWI’s Goals

The goals of our group include:

1. Unite, Connect, Engage and Inspire Women to Honour and Celebrate Themselves and Other Women Worldwide
2. Expand Women's Global Business and Leadership Opportunities
3. Create a Virtual Celebrating Women's Worldwide Center & Hall of Honour by 2020
4. Provide a One-of-a-Kind Global Education Initiative Focused on Honoring Differences
5. Attract and Sustain International Tourism
6. Inspire a Spirit of Service and Giving among Women

Contact Celebrating Woman International in Nassau, The Bahamas, for information about women's rights and more.