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Dr. Rhonda Chipman-Johnson

Dawn Davies

Anita Doherty

Juanita ColeBrooke

Patricia Mortimer

Claudette Allens

Emily Osadebay

Rengin Johnson

Allerdyce Starchan

Dr. Rhonda Chipman-Johnson Dawn
Claudette Allens Emily
Allerdyce Starchan

Willa Mae Bridgewater

Jacqueline Mycklewhyte

Lady Witfield

Gloria Ferguson

Dr. Agreta Carey

Constance McDonnald

Patricia Bazard

Kelphene Cunningham

Audrey Dean Wright

Willa Mae Bridgewater Jacqueline
Naomi Lady Wallace Whitfield Gloria
Dr. Agreta

Andrea Miller Curling

Idena Burrows

Irene Russell

Kelsie Dorsett

Iris Williams

Geneva Rutherford

Loretta E. Robinson

Evelyn Glinton

Mitzie Chipman

Loretta E.

Ann  Marie Davis

Sonia Cox Hamilton

Ellen Serville Dianna Swann Sofia J. Papgeorge
Sonia Cox Hamilton Ellen

Sofia J. Papgeorge  


Dr. Rhonda Chipman-Johnson,
Former  Consul General for the Commonwealth of the Bahamas,
Former Executive Vice President The College of The Bahamas

Dr. Rhonda Chipman-Johnson , a Nassauvian, is a retired educator who has a profound love for language learning. She is a proud graduate of The Government High School. She holds a BA in French and Spanish from McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario; a B Ed and an M Ed in French and Spanish from the University of Toronto, Canada and a PhD in Foreign Language Education from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Dr. Chipman-Johnson dedicated a total of thirty-five years to the field of education. The first twenty-five years of her career were devoted to the teaching of foreign languages, first at her alma mater, the Government High school and later at the College of the Bahamas. She also worked in a number of administrative capacities which included the posts of Head of the Foreign Language Department, Assistant Chair and Chair of the Humanities Division.  During her final decade at the College she held the positions of Vice President, Academic Affairs, Executive Vice President and Interim President.

After completing her work at the College, she served for a short period as the Consul General for the Bahamas in New York. Her time in this cosmopolitan city gave her ample opportunities to speak her beloved languages and interact with people from many different cultures.

Since 2013, Dr. Chipman’s career has moved in yet another direction as she is now the Coordinator/Administrator for the Bahamas Insurance Association, an association of thirty-one (31) insurance companies and agencies.

She continues to promote foreign languages in the community. She is a member and past executive member of the Bahamas Modern Languages Association (BMLA. ) and a past president and  the current vice-president of AMISTAD, an organization which highlights and focuses on the Spanish language and culture.

DrChipman- Johnson is very involved with her church, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. Over the years she has been active in many ministries and church projects both at the parish and the diocesan levels. She has served as a Sunday school teacher, chair of the annual bazaars for several years, president and member of the Parish Council, and member of the youth group. At the present time, she is a member of the Ladies Auxiliary and Coordinator of the annual show, a Eucharistic Minister, Lector and Commentator. She continues to serve on special committees organized to deal with a variety of diocesan issues and projects.\

In her free time, Dr. Chipman-Johnson enjoys cooking, baking, gardening and travelling.

                                   DAWN DAVIES

Dawn Davies was born in Nassau, New Providence, to a Scottish father and a Bahamian mother.  She attended St. Andrew’s School in Nassau, and is a graduate of the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland and has an MBA from the University of Miami, Florida.

Mrs. Davies was active in the financial services sector in The Bahamas for over 35 years.  She was a member of the Executive Committee of The Bankers Club for some six years, culminating in her election as its President.  She retired in 2000 but continues to serve as a director on various corporate boards and investment funds.

An enthusiastic supporter and a keen collector of Bahamian art, she is well known among visual artists in The Bahamas.  In 2003, she received the E. Clement Bethel Award from the School of Communication and Creative Arts of the College of The Bahamas for excellence in the arts.  In 2012 she published a comprehensive book, titled Love & Responsibility, The Dawn Davies Collection, celebrating Bahamian art as seen through her collection.  This was followed in 2014 by TABLESCAPES Just for Fun, a personal light-hearted approach to entertaining in her home and garden.

Very much interested in the creative community, Mrs. Davies is a supporter of Bahamian culture in the area of, but not limited to films, plays and books. she is on the Board of The Harry Moore Scholarship Committee, Popopstudios International Center for the Visual Arts, The Charitable Arts Foundation, and is an active member of The Bahamas National Trust, B.R.E.E.F., The Nassau Garden Club, The Bahamas Historical Society and The Nassau Music Society.

                                                              Educator Anita Doherty
Anita Doherty was born in Nassau, but relocated to West End Grand Bahama at the age of (5) five. She received her primary education at West End All Age School, and began her secondary education at Hampton’s Girls’ School in Jamaica, in 1960 until 1967, when she entered Ulster College of Physical Education in Northern Ireland.

In 1970, she began her teaching career at Hawksbill All Age School in Grand Bahama, and transferred to D.W. Davis High School in Nassau where she taught for four years.  She assumed a teaching position at Freeport Anglican High School, now Bishop Michael Eldon School in Grand Bahama, in 1979 to this present date. Mrs. Doherty has been in the teaching profession for fourty–five (45) years.

During her sporting career, Mrs. Doherty represented Jamaica, Ireland and the Bahamas  in field hockey, Tennis Softball, Netball and In 1970, she represented the Bahamas in the Commonwealth Games in Track & Field in Edinborough, Scotland.

She joined the Pilot Club of Freeport in 1982, and became President of that club in 1988. The highlight of that year was the Ebony Fashion Show only visit to Grand Bahama. In 2001 she became Governor of  COED Clubs for Pilot International under PIP Laura Keever, Keever Keepers meet annually at Convention. A founding  member of the Pilot Club of Lucaya,  she was roasted by the Club at a most enjoyable evening in 2007 . She is a Board Member of YMCA and the Principals and Vice Principals Association.

She was recognized by the Government at a 25th Silver Anniversary Banquet in July 1998, and by Zonta Club of Nassau Women ‘Living Legends’ in November 1998. She was also inducted into the Grand Bahama Sports Hall of Fame in 2005, and the Bahmas Hall of Fame in 2011. In 2014 she was honoured by the Kamalamee Organisation.

Mrs. Doherty has been involved in community activities as Director - YMCA  Keep Fit, President - Bahamas Netball Association, Secretary - Grand Bahama Softball Association, Treasurer - Inter Scholastic Sports.  She has also been involved in the 1977 Carifta Games, was President of Grand Bahama Tennis & Squash Club, President of the Grand Bahama Athletic Association, Vice President of the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations and Secretary of the Coed Pilot International.

She served as Chief Councillor (Mayor) for the City of Freeport from 2005-2008.

She has been married for 45 years and is the proud grandmother of two. 

Juanita Colebrooke
Assistant Commissioner of Police (Retired)
The Royal Bahamas Police Force

Juanita Colebrooke  early life was spent in the community of Wulff Road, the main highway that eases the connection between the east and western New Providence.  As a young girl she attended the Southern Junior School and later graduated from Aquinas Catholic High School.  Having high ambitions and aspirations for a challenging career, she enlisted with the Royal Bahamas Police Force in July, 1966.  Thus began a long distinguished and meteoric career in law enforcement, a relatively uncharted territory for females at the time.

Upon completing her training in December, 1966 she was posted at the Central Division for a brief stint before being transferred to the Traffic Division, where she found her niche and served for twenty (20) years.  During this time, she excelled in every facet of the Division and her dedication to duty and hard work gained her promotions through the ranks of Corporal, Sergeant and Inspector.

Destined to serve, Ms. Colebrooke’s career was concretized at postings throughout many Divisions namely: Southern and Eastern Divisions, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Tribunal at District Headquarters, the Inspection and Review Branch, School Policing Unit and Complaints and Corruptions Unit.  The various positions ensured that she acquire and perfected her policing skills as she simultaneously pursued management courses in educational institutes in Nassau, England, New York and Canada.  Her skills, coupled with the leadership qualities, prepared her to assume upper management roles within the Police Force.

In July 1991, Ms. Colebrooke was promoted to Chief Inspector and six months later (January 1992), she was confirmed as Assistant Superintendent of Police.  As her professional accomplishment and commitment to the development of others increased so did her accomplishments; and in July 1996, she was promoted to the rank of Superintendent and later in July, 2004, she was confirmed in the rank of Chief Superintendent.

The seemingly impregnable gender barrier in law enforcement was finally broken when Ms. Colebrooke was elevated to the lofty position as the first female Assistant Commissioner of Police in April, 2006.  A firm disciplinarian, she served as a vital inspiration to her peer ad juniors alike, she earned their respect and was elected as their representative within the organization.  Her promotion represented the possibility and opened the potential that now exist for other female officers throughout the Force.

During her forty-three years (43) of exemplary service Ms. Colebrooke carried out her duties with great precision relying on her knowledge of the law, and guided by the policies of the Royal Bahamas Police Force.  Her journey although a long and arduous one served to strengthen her character and to expose her to a wealth of experiences and knowledge which she gladly shared with others.

ACP Colebrooke describes the highlight of her career as ‘the impact she has had on the lives of the officers with whom she come into contact’.  She envisions that female officers will play an integral role and assume policy-making positions within the development of the Royal Bahamas Police Force in the future.

ACP Colebrooke retired from the Police Force in 2009, however her desire to remain active in her service to country motivated her to answer the call to join the Police reserves in 2012.  She was named as National Commandant of the Police reserves in November 2012.

 Ms. Juanita Colebrooke is an active member of the New Covenant Baptist Church and an avid traveler and sports enthusiast.  We commend her for her contributions to the Royal Bahamas Police Force and the Commonwealth of The Bahamas in general.

Patricia T. Mortimer

Patricia T. Mortimer President and CEO of Patmor Holdings Company Limited entered what was considered a closed and competitive field – the highly specialized Airport business sphere – 25 years ago – and today her brands in novelties, gift items, merchandising, food and beverage in the Lynden Pindling International Airport have firmly established her as their premier businessperson.   Pat is always eager to share her story of the tight rope walk she endured on her journey.

When Pat walked into the Airport in the mid – 1980s to open her first gift and candy confectionery “Sweet Delights” the Airport’s commercial wing was dominated by companies that had been around from the early 1950s, various merchants stemming from the days of the minority colonial government seemed entrenched in the Airport and it was for the most part considered a male business field. Pat’s experience in the corporate world as an Executive Secretary in the petroleum industry and in banking gave her the inspiration and experience to formulate the brand she wanted for Sweet Delights.

Earlier she had sojourned in downtown Nassau with a high fashion ladies prêt a porter boutique (Impact) with her unique display of live mannequins in the store’s well lit show room windows.   Impact seemed unbeatable in the annual “Women Trade Show”, started by Mrs. Joy Williams in the early 1980s.

The new multi-million dollar Lynden Pindling International Airport presented a new challenge for Pat, which she readily accepted and set out to create the sense of place, ambience and décor and corral the international and quality Bahamian merchandise the new Canadian operators were strict and taciturn in demanding for the new ultra-modern facility.

With all of this going on Pat still finds time for her favorite charities and her passion for fine dining.   She is a life time member of Chains De Rotisseurs, The International French Gourmet Association.

Pat has worked at the highest levels with The Bahamas Red Cross Society.  She was a charter member of the Business and Professional Women’s Association and The Bahamas Secretaries Association.   Pat’s talents as an Event Coordinator/Planner and Site Designer are frequently donated to some of the country’s major high society calendar events.   She was instrumental in The Annual Banana Boat Reunion and recently began a new end of year social gala known as “Nostalgia” for friends and colleagues.  Pat guards her political views, save for and except when she is serving as Stalwart Councilor or in the Leadership Council of the governing Progressive Liberal Party; where she is known to wield tremendous influence.  Pat recently suffered tremendous loss when her only brother Teddy Sealy passed away after a short illness in December, 2014 and in March, 2015 she lost her mother Mary P. Cleare, whom she describes as “the wind beneath my wings”.

Pat enjoys traveling and developing business ideas and has a green thumb for orchids and exotic lilies.   When she does get a quiet evening at home with her companion Ormand Stan Davis, the couple enjoys time with their 13 year old grandson Patek Aritis.

A strong family person and described as a “friend to the end”, Pat says she treasures her Sunday gatherings at her home where she can be found in her kitchen preparing signature dishes for her family, friends and associates.

Pat currently serves on the Board of Directors of Bahamasair Holdings Limited, Bahamas National Festival (Carnival) Commission and PlayTech Limited. She worships at St. Joseph’s Church, Boyd Road.

   Claudette Allens
One of the Cornerstones Of Bahamian Theater
Claudette Allens is a 45 year veteran of the performing arts community here in The Bahamas. Her stage career began in 1970 when she became a member of the University Players. She joined the group without any intention of going on stage.  It just seemed to be a way to get out of the house at least once a week, away from the strict ship which her parents ran.Her first play was “The Chance” by Susan Wallace.  On stage, she discovered her passion.  It was one of the most exhilarating moments of her life.  Once that first play was over, she was “junsin” for the next audition to try out again.The University Players developed into a group that was considered radical by other dramatic groups, as they performed works that the other more Anglophile groups would frown upon – not just American plays, but plays of the 70’s “Black Power” movement: works of Ed Bullins, Sonia Sanchez and the like.   In addition, The University Players performed works from the Caribbean, and up and coming Bahamian writers.   Apart from Susan Wallace, there were writers like,  Sam Bootle, P. Anthony White, Jeanne Thompson, Telcine Turner Rolle, James Catalyn and Winston Saunders. During this time, to Cookie was introduced to a woman by the name of Meta Davis Cumberbatch, who originated and ran the Festival of Arts and Crafts Bahamas Limited.  This woman made her to understand the true meaning of an artist.  Discipline was her watch word.  Cookie served as the secretary of the Festival of Arts and Crafts for about seven years. 
is a 45 year veteran of the performing arts community here in The Bahamas.
Her stage career began in 1970 when she became a member of the University Players. 
She joined the group without any intention of going on stage.  It just seemed to be a way to get out of the house at least once a week, away from the strict ship which her parents ran.
Her first play was “The Chance” by Susan Wallace.  On stage, she discovered her passion.  It was one of the most exhilarating moments of her life.  Once that first play was over, she was “junsin” for the next audition to try out again.
The University Players developed into a group that was considered radical by other dramatic groups, as they performed works that the other more Anglophile groups would frown upon – not just American plays, but plays of the 70’s “Black Power” movement: works of Ed Bullins, Sonia Sanchez and the like.   In addition, The University Players performed works from the Caribbean, and up and coming Bahamian writers.   Apart from Susan Wallace, there were writers like,  Sam Bootle, P. Anthony White, Jeanne Thompson, Telcine Turner Rolle, James Catalyn and Winston Saunders.
Claudette Allen

In 1971, Cookie attended a Theater Arts Workshop in Kingston, Jamaica, at UWI and had the opportunity to work with the Caribbean artists such as the late Dennis Scott, Rex Nettleford and Trevor Rhone. In the 1980’s a new group was formed, James Catalyn and Friends.  Cookie was an active member of this group until 1989.  The group is know for its comical review of all things timely and topical, from religion to politics.In 1981 she was a part of a group sent to represent The Bahamas at Caribbean Festival of Arts, in Barbados.  She took major roles in James Baldwin’s “The Amen Corner” and ‘Them” by Winston Saunders.  Both plays were very well received. It was in 1991 that she had the honor of representing her country at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland, where she performed in “You can lead a Horse to Water” by Winston Saunders and  “Music of The Bahamas” an adaptation from the late E. Clement Bethel’s thesis done by Nicolette Bethel and Philip Burrows.

In 1991, she was the recipient of the first “DANSA Award” in the category, Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Mother Henry, a 90 year old woman in James Baldwin’s “Blues for Mister Charlie”.   In addition to her stage performances, you may have seen her in local television commercials and heard her voice on many a radio advertisement, in particular the “Superwash” commercials.   When it became fashionable to perform radio commercials in dialect, naturally she was one of the first to have a radio commercial done.  Today, this has not stopped. 

More recently, she has taken on the role of a Story Teller, and may be seen at many a local event on weekends keeping our “oral tradition” of story telling alive.  Inspired by the late Dr. Cleveland Eneas and the way he told his Ber Bookie and Ber Rabbie stories, she aims to be as good a story teller as he was.In November 2001, Cookie was featured in the first locally produced Bahamian movie ever to play commercially in Bahamian cinemas (Nassau, Freeport and Abaco) – Plantation Picture’s version of Nicolette Bethel’s “Powercut”, adapted by Manny Knowles.  She is also a founding member of Ringplay , the theater production company behind “Macbeth” and “Music of The Bahamas”. 

In January of 2004 a new phase of her life began.  She along with Patricia Thomas and Val Maura began a morning show on ZNS 1540 Radio called “Sister Sarah’s Kitchen”.  This show features a variety of segments which includes, story telling, recipes, Bahamian profiles, etc., its aim is to entertain, educate and inform this has turned out to be a very popular aspect of radio, particularly to those persons in the family islands.

In November of 2008 yet another phase of her life began.   She was asked by the Ministry of Tourism to become a Tourism Ambassador.  This entailed her meeting and greet visitors at the Lynden Pindling International Airport for approximately three hours on selected days.
She is one of the cornerstones of  Bahamian Theater. 

She is also featured in the following:


Powercut - 2001
Winjamma - 2009

Visual Publications
• Female Pirates of The Caribbean -
• Dream  or Reality - Ministry of Tourism
• Generations of Bahamian Culture - Colina 2010 Calendar
• Marion Bethel’s Documentary on The Suffrage Movement
• When a Man Dreams Dreams - The Winston Saunders Story
• Dis We tings
• Music of The Bahamas


Emily M. Osadebay R. N., Ph.D

Emily M. Osadebay R. N., Ph.D, wife, mother and grandmother, was to the parentage of the late Irvin and Meneria King in Nassau Bahamas. Emily attends St. Agnes Anglican church and serves her church by her involvement in the senior choir and as the leader of the Mental and Physical Wellness Committee, and as a member of St. Helena’s Chapter.

Emily received her early education at Southern Preparatory, Junior and Senior schools, Acquinas College for commercial studies, and advanced commercial studies at Nassau Academy Of Business qualifying in advanced typing from the Royal Society Of commerce in the United Kingdom.

Professional studies for Emily began at princess Margaret Hospital in August 1960, qualifying as a registered nurse, followed by seven months training as a pupil midwife. This training continued in the United Kingdom where Emily was among the first five nurses to travel there to compare and contest nurse training with the training provided in the Bahamas by English tutors, and allowed registration of nurses with the Nursing Council for England and Wales. This special arrangement required only one year and included one training block which was successfully completed, Emily was awarded honours. She then went on to successfully complete midwifery training in parts 1 and 11 and was able to register on the Roll of Midwives.  While still in the U.K., Emily undertook training in a course in operating theatre technique and management before returning home.

On her return home, Emily was promoted several times, NO11 in 1970, NO1 in in 1980, and to Senior Nursing Office in 1984, after returning from further training in the UK in 1983 at the Royal College of Nursing in Advanced Nursing Administration.

Emily spent most of her nursing career in the operating theatre leaving only to undertake duties as night supervisor, and to assist the Kaiser Permanente group of persons during the construction and completion phase of the ambulatory care department, where operating theatres were also located.  She also assisted in research and time and motion studies for the running of the accident and emergency Department under the guidance of Dr. Richards. While in the ACD, Emily embarked upon training for the staff of specialty clinics, general practice clinics and the accident and emergency unit, assisted by Mr. George Forbes and Mrs. Sandra Bain the Infection control officer. Emily returned to theatre in 1980.

Service to her profession saw her serving on the Ministry Of Health Board of examiners for over ten years, writing questions and marking of exam papers.

Emily was instrumental in developing perioperative nursing in the operating theatre, and assisted in the development of goals and objectives and policy for this important event. Emily presently serves as Chairman of the Nurses Appeals Tribunal and external examiner for the Surgical Technology course approved by the Royal College of Nursing London.  Emily’s other pursuits include her involvement in her national nurses association where she served as secretary for three of the presidents, during which time she travelled extensively to attend international and regional nurses conferences in Los Angeles, San Francisco California, Zimbabwe, Johannesburg, and Durban South Africa, Aruba, Curazo, Jamaica, St. Lucia.

Extensive management training was ongoing, as she served on many committees and workshops in her association and in service area for the Ministry Of Health involving strategic planning. Other areas of involvement were her tenure as secretary to the PTA of St. John’s College which lasted seven years and served on the socioeconomic committee, many other fundraisers, and was consistent in working during Mardi Gras for many years.

Emily’s interest in education continued and she attended Templeton Theological Seminary where she studied New Testament Greek Grammar and Philosophy of Religion, before embarking on studies for her BA in Management, her Masters in Human Resource Management, 1st . class honours, and Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership.  She was class valedictorian

Emily recently authored a book of poems and is presently writing on her nursing experiences over 48 years, titled, “My Journey”.

She is married to the Hon. Mr. Justice Emmanuel E. Osadebay J.A. retired, is the mother of three daughters and five grandchildren.

Her hobbies include travelling, gardening, sewing, knitting and crocheting. 

                                        RENGIN JOHNSON

                                       Counsel and Attorney at Law

Rengin Johnson, a resident of the City of Freeport, a Counsel and Attorney at Law by profession for over 30 years.  She was called to the English Bar; the Honorable Lincoln’s Inn in 1983 and called to the Bahamas Bar in 1992. She is a longtime member and a former director of the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) and an Executive Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) Bahamas Branch and an Associate of CIArb England.

Ms. Johnson has served as a Deputy Chief Magistrate and as a Circuit Justice from 1995 to August 2000 in the Family Islands and Court No. 3, Freeport Grand Bahama of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

During 2013 she has been nominated as an Honorary Consul for the Republic of Turkey in the Bahamas.

Ms. Johnson both in her professional and private life has been a very dedicated, assertive, hard-working principled person who has been a leader by example.  She is a service –oriented individual supported by her involvement in numerous charitable endeavors and organizations throughout the Bahamas, including being a longtime member of the Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce, the Cancer Association, the Grand Bahama Heart Association and a former President, Director of the Rotary Club of Freeport and the Sunset Rotary Club.

Ms. Johnson is a dedicated and supportive mother of her (2) sons who were educated in England and Canada, an Attorney and a Politician; Osman Johnson and a Civil Engineer and a musician Omar Johnson.

Since 2000 Ms. Johnson has been in private practice in her own Law Firm.  For over twenty years she has provided at her cost legal aid.  For a period of over 17 years she has also provided legal aid through her radio show called “Scales of Justice” which has benefited the public in general.   She continues to make valuable contributions to the Grand Bahama community, and is respected among her peers, the community of Grand Bahama and the Bahamas.

                                         Allerdyce Marina Louise Strachan

                                             SUPERINTENDENT OF POLICE (RETIRED)
                                              The Royal Bahamas Police Force 

Allerdyce Marina Louise Strachan  was born in Rock Sound, Eleuthera to Otis and Madeline Cooper.  She received her early education in Eleuthera as well as in Grand Bahama.  Upon completing her high school education, she worked as a Teacher’s Assistant in Eleuthera until 1964.

Ms. Strachan’s career on The Royal Bahamas Police Force began in June, 1965.  She worked her way through the ranks in a number of departments including the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) for 26 years now (CDU), Community Policing, Crime Prevention and the Traffic Department.  In September 1996, she was promoted to Superintendent of Police, becoming the first woman in the 160-year history of The Royal Bahamas Police Force to attain that rank.

 In 1999, she retired from active duty on The Royal Bahamas Police Force.

 In 2001, a childcare facility for the children of police officers was established in the Police Force.  Ms. Strachan was invited to return as the administrator and the establishment was named in her honour.

 During her tenure on the Force, Superintendant Strachan was a role model and confidant to other officers (especially female).   She was credited for having dismantled a number of youth gangs in New Providence.   Superintendent Strachan is often referred to as the architect of Modern day Community Policing in The Bahamas.


Her many accomplishments include Best Recruit (1965), Good Conduct Medal (1984), Meritorious Award (1985), Silver Jubilee Award from the Government of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas (1998), a recipient of the Zonta Club of New Providence Living Legends Award (2000), The Royal Bahamas Police Force Silver Salvo Award (2003) and the Prison Fellowship Award.

 She served as Vice President of the International Association of Community Police Officers from 1996 – 1999 and she is the founding Secretary of The Royal Bahamas Police Force Retired Officers Association.

 Superintendant Strachan is the proud mother of four children.

                                                               Willa Mae Bridgewater  
Willa Mae Bridgewater was born on March 11th, 1936 and raised in Duncan Town, Ragged Island, Ms. Bridgewater moved to Nassau to further her education.

She started her employment history initially being employed at the Church of God Of Prophecy General Store. She then joined BaTelCo, now known as BTC, in 1959 as a clerk. It wasn’t long before she and others came to realize that the Public Service Union was not providing the scope of representation needed to address their specialized challenges. Through a series of meetings at her home, with a dedicated core group of BaTelCo workers, Ms. Bridgewater soon formed a new entity that, in 1974, officially became The Bahamas Communication and Public Officers Union. With her election as Founding President, standing at 5 feet 1 inch, Ms. Bridgewater made history as the first woman Founding President of any major labour union in the Bahamas. She was also instrumental in forming the BaTelCo Management Union, a previously unknown entity in The Bahamas.

Ms. Bridgewater has held many distinguished posts throughout her career such as:

• Chairman BaTelCo Branch BPSU 1970 - 1974
• Founding President Bahamas Communications & Public Officers Union 1974 - 1977
• Secretary General Trade Union Congress 1974 - 1977
• Assistant Secretary BaTelCo Management Union 1977 - 1982
• Member of the Advisory Committee to the Ministry of Labour 1970 - 1982
• Member of Committee for the Decade for Women 1975 - 1985
• Member of the Prices Control Commission up to 1990
• Featured in the International Biography 1978 and in Who’s Who in The World 1980
• Member of the British Empire (MBE) 2006

Ms Bridgewater entered front line politics in 1982, as one of the few Bahamian women to run as a candidate in The Bahamas General Elections during that time. She served as a member of the Industrial Tribunal from 1996 to December 2002, the Bahamas Prison Fellowship and since 1995, and she continues an active role in the community, serving as a member of the Management Committee of Colby House Home for Boys sponsored by Christ the King Anglican Church in Ridgeland Park West.

Her faith in Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and her passion for study, organization, planning and productivity refocused her life’s work on the church. This resulted in Ms. Bridgewater becoming a Minister in the Church of God of Prophecy (COGOP), where she currently serves as the Church’s Treasurer. She is also a Sunday School Teacher, a member of the Dorcas Social Outreach Mission of the Englerston COGOP, the COGOP National Social Outreach Umbrella Organization and the monthly Visitation Committee called the Friends of Culmers Ward at the Sandilands Geriatrics Hospital.

Ms. Bridgewater is the proud mother of five children and ten grandchildren.

                                              Jacqueline V. Mycklewhyte

Jacqueline V. Mycklewhyte is the second child and girl born to Mr. Irvin Newell King and Mrs. Meneria Ching-King at the homestead in Lifebuoy Street, off East Street.

Her formative years were happy and delightful. In the home, there was discipline and love. Hard-work, honesty and integrity were taught and practiced, these sentiments being the hallmark of Jacqueline's growth and development.

Her journey throughout Southern Primary, Junior and Senior Schools culminated in graduating with her School Leaving and Cambridge Junior Certificates.

In pursuit of higher knowledge and learning, Jacqueline's academic journey took her through the Bahamas Technical College, Pitman's and London Chamber of Commerce Colleges, London, England, affording her the privilege of obtaining her secretarial training and certificates. Her stint at the Royal College of Public Administration, London, England, along with many local courses through the Bahamas Public Service Training & Human Resources Management Department, enlarged her territory in this field, a field that she loved as it equipped her to render a service to people. Her cherished phrase is that "people matter."

Jacqueline completed her professional studies with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the College of St. Benedict, Minnesota, and PhD at the McHari International College, Bahamas.

During her sterling career of 47 years of public service with the Ministry of Health and the Public Hospitals Authority, retiring as Human Resources Manager 1, she held acting appointments as First Assistant Secretary, Deputy Permanent Secretary and Hospital Administrator. She became known as the only female Officer who had worked in all of the Health Institutions, viz: MOH Headquarters, PHA Corporate Centre, Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre, Grand Bahama Health Services, Princess Margaret Hospital, Department of Public Health and Environmental Health Services, thus enabling the exposure of a vast experience in health services management.

She has had the distinguished honour of coordinating and participating at many seminars, workshops and conferences, the most memorable being The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) held in the Bahamas in 1985. She served as the Honourary Secretary for the Bahamas Girl's Brigade Council, Education Officer for the Bahamas Secretaries Association, is an active member of the Anglican Diocese, Bahamas, as Lay Reader/Chalice Bearer and member of the Social Outreach Programme at St. Matthew's Church among other social activities.

Jacqueline enjoys reading, writing, sewing and travelling. She is a published author of three Bahamian short stories for children. She is supported in her endeavours by her loving husband John and daughter Allyson.
                                                                 Naomi, Lady Wallace Whitfield

Naomi Lady Wallace Whitfield Bahamian by birth.  Born in Nassau, Bahamas

Attended primary and junior high schools in Nassau, and high school in Freeport.  Associates Degree in Business Administration from Miami Dade Community College.

Worked in the Private sector until she joined the Public Service in 1993 as Office Manager in the Office of The Prime Minister, Freeport. Posted to the Ministry of Financial Services in 2002, re-posted to the Office of the Prime Minister 2007, presently posted with the Ministry of the Public Service.

Active in many volunteer organizations, including the One Bahamas Foundation which
is dear her  heart. Very involved with her church family of the Pro-Cathedral of Christ the King, and the Bishop Michael Eldon School Alumni (formerly Freeport Anglican High School).

Proud mother of two sons, Robert and David Geoffrey and one grandson, David. Enjoys reading, fishing and traveling.

Lady Witfield

Dr. Gloria Ferguson

Dr. Gloria D. Ferguson With 23 years of Pastoral service, Dr. Ferguson’s service affiliations span many years and organizations.  Having earned Degrees in Theology, Pastoral Care and Philosophy PhD, shehas worked through many and varying organizations providing service nationallyand internationally.  Life with CHRIST from 1952 – Present.

With over  42 years as a Registered Nurse and Educator, the former Coordinator of the Midwifery Program Ministry of Health and senior Lecturer in Midwifery and Maternal and Child Health at the College of The Bahamas (1992–2002).  Dr. Ferguson’s professional career has gained here the Excellence in Midwifery Award; Silver Jubilee Award – for outstanding contribution to National Development in Nursing,  awarded by The Bahamas Government; the Health Hero Award by Ministry of Health and Pan American Health Organization, on the 100th anniversary for outstanding service in the field of Nursing; and Global Vision Award, including refresher courses in Health Care; AIDS/HIV; Fertility Management and trainer of the Trainers Course at UWI Mona, Jamaica. 

Dr. Ferguson has traveled extensively throughout the majority of Islands in The Bahamas, the Caribbean, London, throughout the United States of America, North and South, US. Virgin Island, St. Croix, Jerusalem, Canada, Argentina, Spain, France, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Africa, Rome both professionally and as an Ambassador.


• Born, Pure Gold South Andros
• Education – School Leaving Certificate, BJCs, GCEs
• Teacher – Bahamas Board of Education 1954 – 1958
• Nurse/Midwife 1958-1962
• Curriculum Development and Item Writing
• PTA President of St. John’s Primary School 1980-1983
• Teacher Certificate – UWI Mona, Jamaica
• Doctor Degree at Louisiana Baptist University 1998 – 2000
• Administrator, Anointed Appointed 1986 – present
• Co-Founder 1986 – Pastor of Mt. Ararat Baptist Church 1991 – present
• The First female Recording Secretary of the National Baptist Missionary & Educational Convention
• The first female 2nd Vice President of the Bahamas Christian Council (2013)
• Secretary of the National Organization of Women’s Associations in The Bahamas (NOWAB)
• Praise Team National Baptist Women Convention of NBM, USA, INC.
• Treasurer of the Englerston Pastor’s Fellowship
• Pastor in the Pastor’s Chaplaincy Group (Program)
• Immediate Past President of the Baptist Women’s Convention Auxiliary to The Bahamas National Baptist 
  Missionary and Educational Convention (2005 – 2013)
• President of Kingdom Building Pastors and People International, Local Branch (KBBPI)
• Host of the national Radio ZNS Program, Heart to Heart aired weekly (107.9) (1988 – Present)
• Vice President of the national Baptist Women Auxiliary of The NBMEC, USA, INC. South East Region
• First Female Vice President-at-Large for Bahamas National Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention (2013 – present)
• Vice Moderator, Kingdom Building Baptist Association 2012
• Bahamas Alternate Representative at the United Nation March 2, 2010.
• Teacher, Preacher, Pulpit Orator, Lecturer, Bible Expositor, Nurse/Midwife, Counselor, Pastor, Marriage Officer, 
  Justice of The Peace, Mother.

The widow of the Late Rev’d Dr. Brice E. Ferguson and daughter of Albert W. Forbes (Rochester, New York and Mrs. Evelyn McKenzie (deceased).  Dr. Ferguson has three children: Evanette, Brent and Dwayne; One Son-in-Law; Deangelo, Two Daughters-in-Law; Crystal and Elizabeth, Four Grandchildren; Christopher, Jasmine, Baron and Joshua, One Grand daughter-in-law; Deiatra, Two Great-grandchildren; Christopher Jr. and Dominic.  She enjoys spectator sports, singing and traveling.

Constance McDonald

Constance McDonald is known throughout the island of Grand Bahama for her integrity, tenacity, and expert legal counsel. Currently the sole proprietor of McDonald & Co, a law firm focusing on civil litigation, Miss McDonald is one of the most senior attorneys on the island of Grand Bahama, with almost 40 years of experience in giving of herself to her clients, friends, and the community at large. 

Constance was born on Cat Island to her parents, Norris Holman McDonald and Margaret Lauretta McDonald nee Thurston. As the eldest daughter in a family of ten children she quickly developed the leadership and management skills that would support her throughout her professional career.

She left her hometown of Bennett’s Harbour to attend The Government High school in the capital city of  Nassau, Bahamas, graduating in 1972. She continued her education at the University of the West Indies  where she earned her LLB Degree in 1976, moving on to the Norman Manley Law School where she completed her Legal Education Certificate in September of 1978. In that same year she was called to the Bahamas bar and proceeded to spend the first 16 years of her career building a reputation for outstanding service.

As a fully licensed attorney Constance spent the next decade and a half working in a variety of legal capacities.She spent four years as an Assistant Legal Counsel in the Attorney General’s office (1978 - 1982) and and another three as the First Legal Counsel to The Bahamas Developments Bank (1982-1985). Around the same time she began lecturing part time at the College of the Bahamas where she remains to this day, teaching courses in Business Law, Banking Law, Principles of Liability, Ethics, Family law and Social Welfare (1982- Present).  After leaving the Bahamas Development Bank, Constance moved on to act as Legal Counsel to the Grand Bahama, Port Authority Limited where she remained for five years (1985-1990). She then moved from the role of internal legal counsel to act as the Attorney in charge of the Freeport Office of the Nassau-based Law firm of Maynard & Co. After only a year she was made partner under the firm’s new name of Gibson, Serville & Co where she continued to act as partner in charge of the Freeport Office for another three years(1991-1994). In 1994 Constance McDonald opened her eponymous law firm of McDonald & Co where she continued to act in the best interests of her clients and the community.
 After opening her firm she continued to attract commendation from those around her. She continued to contribute as a member of the Board of Directors for the national telephone and internet service provider: The Bahamas Telecommunications Company Limited (1992-1997). She was then appointed by the Judicial Legal Services Commission as Vice President of The industrial Tribunal where she acted as a Tribunal Judge responsible for the labour matters in Grand Bahama(1997-1999). In the same year she was elected President of the Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce (1997-1999). She was the Vice Chairman of the the progressive Liberal Party from 2007 to 2009, the same year she was recognized by the Bureau of Women's Affairs for Outstanding Achievement in Women’s in Rights(2009). She spent the next two years as president of The Federation of International Women Lawyers, otherwise known as FIDA (2009-2010). She served as President of the Rotary Club of Freeport (2010-2011) where she was inducted as one of their first female members on August 1st 1996.  She has been invited to participate and continues to contribute to the gender policy of The Bahamas (2012 to present) and is currently a member of the Judicial and legal services Commission (2013 - Present).Foundation is also focused on supporting autistic children and providing additional classes for underprivileged school children.

Other contributions include:
• 1987 – Participated in the American Legal System and Court Structure, a program sponsored by the United States Information Agency.
• 1991-Acting Magistrate
• Past President – Zonta Club of Freeport.
• Past President – Guild of Graduates, University of the West Indies.
• Guild Representative on the University of the West Indies Council – Meeting of Ministers of Education throughout the Caribbean.
• Past Director – Grand Bahama Tennis & Squash Club.
• Past Director – Grand Bahama Players.
• Featured in the Women of the Decade Exhibition for outstanding service to the legal profession.
• Coordinator – Singles Ministry, Zion Baptist  Church, East Sunrise Highway, Freeport, Grand Bahama.
• Sunday School Teacher – Zion Baptist Church.
• Assistant Coordinator, Sunday School – Zion Baptist Church.
• Organization of Commonwealth Caribbean Bar Association (OCCBA) – Representative at CARICOM Meetings.
• National Council of Black Lawyers (NCBL) – Member.
• Past Member of Council – Bahamas Bar Association.
• Member of Commonwealth Lawyers Association.
• PLP Candidate for Lucayan constituency in the 2007 General Elections.
• Double Paul Harris Fellow Rotary Foundation
• President – Aglow International Freeport Lighthouse 2014 – Present.
• Recognized for her contributions to her profession by the 2013 Independence Committee.


Patricia Bazard

Patricia Bazard is a choral conductor, singer, teacher, workshop facilitator and story teller, who has been involved in the Arts since the age of two years.  She formed and conducted her first Children’s Choir at the age of twelve at transfiguration Baptist Church.

Since then she has conducted numerous choirs and groups including: The Bahamas National Baptist Mass Youth Choir that toured the United States and Europe; Guest conductor at The national Baptist Congress of Christian Education Pittsburg and Omaha Nebraska; The award-winning Bahamas National Children’s Choir and the National Boys Choir Concert Tours to Poland, Prague, Russia, London, Canada, China, west Africa, South America, The United States and the Caribbean; and The National Independence Choirs.

With the establishment of the ADISA Foundation a programme was developed to mentor at risk boys through the Performing Arts.  CHIVIVAL an annual service for children is held every November and is planned and directed by children and teens.

This year The Third Annual Bahamas Island of Praise Festival will be held in May and will provide workshops and special sessions for young Artistes, culminating in a Grand Gospel Concert.

Mrs. Bazard (now retired) was Senior Cultural Officer for The Bahamas Government, responsible for National Celebrations and Chef de Mission for International Conferences and Festivals, and has been a member of The National Independence Committee since 1972.  She has written two books of short stories, an initial piano instruction book for very young children and has been the recipient of numerous national and international awards.  The Minister of Music for The Salem Union Baptist Church she continues to conduct choral workshops and work with children and young people both home and abroad.


She is married to Mr. Luicito G. Bazard, with eight children and twelve grandchildren.

‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!



Kelphene Cunningham

Kelphene Cunningham was born in Deep Creek, Eleuthera.  She obtained her early education at the Deep Creek All Age School before attending The Government High School in Nassau.  She completed her tertiary education in London, England.

She is a Barrister and Attorney-At-Law.  She is a member of the Honourable Society of Grays Inn (London) and is a Member of The Bahamas Bar.  She was called to both the English Bar and The Bahamas Bar in 1981. 

She holds an Honours Degree in Law (LL.B) and a Master of Laws Degree (LL.M) from London University.  She also holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Equity & Trust Law and a Postgraduate Diploma in Commercial & Corporate Law.  She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, London (FCIArb), and a Certified Mediator and a Member of the Executive Committee of The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Before completing her Legal Education and entering the Public Service, Mrs. Cunningham worked in the Private Sector in the Off Shore Banking Industry for a few years and has wide experience in that area.

Mrs. Cunningham dedicated over 30 years to Public Service and has had an illustrious career working for the Government and serving the people of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.  She started her career in the Public Service as Legal Adviser to The National Insurance Board.  She later joined the Office of the Attorney General and moved through the ranks, firstly as Assistant Counsel, Sr. Counsel and Acting Chief Counsel.  She was appointed Registrar General and later Registrar of the Court of Appeal.  Her last posting before retiring from the Government Service was Judge of the Industrial Tribunal where she served as Vice-President.  In that position she headed the Northern Region (Freeport) for some three years before serving in Nassau.

Mrs. Cunningham believes in giving back to her Country as she herself was a beneficiary of the Sir Lynden Pindling massive educational program of the nineteen seventies.  She gives back by participating in the education system. She lectured (part-time) extensively to Bahamian Bankers in the 1980s at the Chartered Institute of Bankers, London; and in more recent times at The Bahamas Institute of Financial Services; Success College in the LL.B Program, The College of The Bahamas University of the West Indies Law Program, as well as a former Associate Tutor at the Eugene Dupuch Law School. 

She presently heads the Law Firm of Kelphene Cunningham & Company Chambers where she operates a boutique Law Chambers providing general legal services both domestically and internationally and specializes in Alternative Dispute Resolution with emphasis on Mediation and Arbitration.  She also has a vibrant practise in Family Law, Labour Law, Commercial & Corporate Law, Civil Litigation, Probate and Land Law.

She is a Member of Holy Trinity Anglican Church.  In her younger days she was an avid speaker at Women’s Group and a Leader in the Church’s Evangelism Program.  A former member of the Board of the Ranfurly Homes for Children, a former Samaritan's and a Member of Civil Society Bahamas.   Her hobbies are Baking, Cooking and Reading.  She is the mother of two sons and has five Grand Children.


Audrey Dean-Wright

Audrey Dean-Wright Bahamian born composer, pianist, singer, choral conductor and poet, has been a part of the fabric of music and culture of the Bahamas for over forty five years.
She received her early piano training under the tutelage of Muriel Mallory, Meta Davis-Cumberbatch and her mentor, E. Clement Bethel.

She has served as adjudicator for The Bahamas National Arts Festival and is widely celebrated as a choral clinician and accompanist.

She is the Founding Director of The Bahamas National Children’s Choir, the Seventh-day Adventist Meistersingers, the College of The Bahamas Concert Choir, Director of the Nassau Renaissance Singers, Director of the Centreville SDA Youth Choir and Director of Music for the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. She has led her choirs in performances internationally such as Russia, Prague, Poland, Jamaica, Cuba and the world famous Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall, New York. 

She continued her studies at  Jamaica School of Music, Kingston Jamaica.
Her B.M. (vocal performance) and M.M. (Education) degrees are from Manhattan School of Music, New York.

Highly ranked among the most prolific of Bahamian composers, Audrey Dean-Wright has written over 250 compositions for choir, flute, piano and solo voice. Three of her books are presently in the music curriculum of The Bahamas Public Schools System. In December, 2013, she released the CD Ivories in Meditation, a collection of favourite hymn arrangements for piano, which include two of her original piano compositions.

In 2005 she was bestowed the title ‘Composer Extraordinaire’ at South Carolina State University; and in 2014, she received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the South East African American Collegiate Music Festival, USA, of which she has the distinction of being the first non-American composer to be featured.

Her poetry has been performed locally and internationally. Her poetry, along with her piano compositions, have been used as test pieces for The Bahamas National Arts Festival. Her poem, ’Time Gone, Time Past’, won her second place in The Bahamas National Poetry Competition.
 Her poetry has been featured in the U.S, Ghana, Cuba and Surinam. In 2005, she represented The Bahamas in Surinam at Carifesta, as a spoken artist, presenting her original works. Her poem, ‘Not Just Breasts’, received a standing ovation at the Pana Fest Women’s Summit in Ghana, Africa, in 2005.

A long time professor at the College of the Bahamas from 1977, she is Associate Professor and former Head of Visual & Performing Arts.
She is founding director of the College of The Bahamas Concert Choir and has led them to international acclaim in performances in New York and at Lincoln Center. They have distinguished themselves as members of the South East African American Music Festival.


Andrea M. Miller-Curling

Andrea M. Miller-Curling  an outstanding Bahamian educator for many years, Andrea Marie Miller-Curling was born in New Providence, Nassau, Bahamas to the late Rev. Sylvia Butler-Miller and Jackson Miller. The eldest of five children, she graduated (cum laude) from The College of The Bahamas (COB), earning a Teacher’s Certificate in Secondary Education, an Associate of Arts degree, (Distinction) and a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of the West Indies. She also received a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the Wayne Huizenga School of Entrepreneurship, Nova Southeastern University. She has taught Music, History, English Language & Literature in a number of public and private schools for many years. Then in 1992, she joined the faculty of The College of The Bahamas, serving as an English Language lecturer and a Language Resource Centre Coordinator in the Humanities Division/School of English Studies and then as a Planning/Development Officer in the Office of the Vice President of Research, Planning & Development. She is also one of the founding members of the Union of Tertiary Educators of The Bahamas (UTEB) at COB, formerly serving as its Assistant Secretary for several years.
She presently teaches as a part-time professor of English at COB and the Assemblies of God in The Bahamas Bible College. She is also the proprietor & editing consultant of her own business, AMC Editorial Services that offers the best in editing and proofreading services to clients at home and abroad. She is one of the founding members of Empty Bowls Bahamas, a non-profit organization that supports charitable entities that feed the hungry. An active member of Evangelistic Temple Assembly of God, she serves as the Executive Secretary/Director of its Temple Christian School Board, and its Assistant Director and Travel Coordinator of the sanctuary choir. Among her many awards for outstanding service to education, the church and the community are the COB Outstanding Performance & Exemplary Service Award, the Evangelistic Temple and the Assemblies of God in The Bahamas Faithful Service Awards, the UTEB Unsung Hero’s Award and the King Humanitarian Foundation’s Salute to Greatness Award. Married to Dr. Llewelyn R.V. Curling, she enjoys reading, voice-overs for radio/TV, editing consultancies, singing and playing the piano. Possessed with an inner strength, a quiet dignity and an unrelenting faith in God, she is an educator par excellence, who is dedicated to serving God, her family and the people of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

Idena Adderly-Burrows

Idena Adderley-Burrows was born in Nassau, Bahamas to Mervyn and Eva Adderley (both deceased).  She received her early education at the Eastern Primary, Junior and Senior Schools.

 In 1958, she began employment at the Bahamas Telecommunication Company. While there, she developed a love for the Trade Union Movement, starting as a Shop Steward.  In 1985, she offered herself for the Executive Vice President of the Bahamas Communication and Public Officers Union (BCPOU) and won, a position left vacant when Keith Archer offered himself for the President of the BCPOU.  In 1991 she challenged the presidency of the Union which was still headed by Mr. Archer and won, thus serving a total of twelve years between the two positions.

 In 1992, Mrs. Burrows felt the need to be better equipped and more knowledgeable of the Trade Union Movement and enrolled in a two year diploma course with special emphasis on the development of Caribbean women.  This course was funded by the Inter-American Foundation in conjunction with The University of The West Indies. (Mona Campus)

Mrs. Burrows has travelled extensively throughout the Caribbean, Canada, Europe and the United States.  In 1998, she was the recipient of a scholarship from the United States Government to continue training on Women’s Issues in the Workplace at Cornell University Ithaca, New York.  She was involved in the formation of the Medical and Pension plans which were established under the leadership of past Presidents Charles Bethel and Keith Archer.  During her presidency her main focus was on Education, thus allowing all of her Executives to be exposed to all trainings that were available; both local and International.

In 1999, Mrs. Burrows completed a Diploma Course in Employment Law with emphasis on Industrial Tribunal Practice & Procedure at the College of The Bahamas.  She is a qualified Labour Advocate and presently serves as a Labour Consultant at the Bahamas Mortgage Corporation.

Mrs. Burrows currently serves as the President of the Bahamas Communication and Public Officers Retirees Association (BCPORA).  She attends Calvary Bible Church and is involved in many Church Ministries.

She is married to Mr. Stanley Burrows; the couple has five children and sixteen grandchildren.


Irene Russell

Irene Russel a woman, wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, sister, Pastor, Teacher, friend and Counselor,  Rev. Irene Russell was born on the island of Eleuthera in the settlement of Rock Sound, the daughter of  Mr. and Mrs. Lockhart Pyfrom, now deceased on October 15, 1935.  She was married to Walter Watson Russell on March 5, 1953 (now deceased) and has three children; two daughters, Sherrie and Julian Carey and one son, Walter Russell Jr., six grand children and five great grandchildren.

Her Christian journey began in the late forties under the Ministry of Rev’ds. Earl Weech and Earl Pritchard who went to Eleuthera with their families to hold revival meetings.  The meetings were initially held under a tent and from the tent moved into the Masonic Lodge Building where they worshipped until the fellowship moved into their own Church building, Faith Tabernacle Assemblies of God on August 10, 1947 of which she is a founding member.

During that time her ministry consisted of teaching, playing the piano and she preached her first message at the age of twelve after having been baptized on April 20, 1947.  Her text was the 23rd Psalm.  Over the course of the next few months, she and her fellow converts attended Bible School Classes offered by the South Eastern Bible Institute and received Diplomas having studied topics including Bible Doctrines, Tongues Like As of Fire, Paths of Prophecy and Seeing the Story of the Bible.

It was always Rev. Russell’s desire to become a Nurse and after her 16th birthday she relocated to Nassau.  That dream however was not fulfilled because at that time she was too young to enter the profession and sadly had to switch career paths and became a Legal Secretary instead in 1966.  In that same year she sought employment at Kendal Isaacs & Co. as an Executive Secretary, a position she held until 1990 when she then entered the Ministry on a full time basis.

Upon her arrival in Nassau, Rev. Russell started to attend Evangelistic Temple on Kemp Road where Rev. Kenneth Short was then the Pastor.  There was eventually a split in the Church body and a group of brethren relocated to Collins Avenue and re-established Evangelistic Temple while a group of brethren remained in the Kemp Road Church in what is now known as Glad Tidings Tabernacle.  There Rev. Russell has taught Sunday School Classes, served as the Assistant C.A. President, Assistant Sunday School Superintendent and started Children’s Church in 1964.

During the years 1974 through 1981, Rev. Russell worked with Pastor Ross Davis (now Bishop Davis) assisting in his Ministry at Golden Gates Assembly.  There she helped with the music, the Choir, Sunday School, Women’s Ministries and Children’s Church.  In 1981 she returned to Glad Tidings Tabernacle as she felt this was the Lord’s will for her life and ministry.  In October 1981 she and the children she worked with there aired their first radio program of “Annie and the Children”.  A program which is still aired every Saturday evening at 6:30 p.m. on Radio Bahamas.  In 1990 she became the Assistant Pastor of Glad Tidings Tabernacle under the leadership of Rev. Paul Roberts and remained in that role until his death in 1997 when she became the Pastor and where she continues today in the service of the Lord.

In addition to her professional accomplishments as an Executive Secretary, named Secretary of the Year in 1973 and her years of Christian service already alluded to, Rev.

Russell has also been involved in many other facets of Christian and Civil Service during her lifetime.  Some of which include holding a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Christian Education from Caribbean School of Theology and also a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religious Education from Global University, served as a Lay Magistrate and is also a Justice of the Peace, served as the National Secretary of the Assemblies of God in the Bahamas including the Turks And Caicos Islands, a position she held for 18 years serving from 1989 to 2007.  She has also served as a member of the Board of Directors of B.A.S.H. (Bahamas Association for Social Health, The International Year of the Family, Co-Chairperson of One Bahamas, The Order of Merit Awards, Public Hospital Authority, The Hurricane Relief Committee, The Prison Visiting Committee and most recently as the first President of the North Eastern Pastor’s Alliance. She serves as the Coordinator of the Northeastern District of Urban Renewal 2.0 Peace Ambassadors. In May 2014 she was elected as the New Providence District Presbyter-Assemblies of God in the Bahamas including the Turks & Caicos Islands, presently serving as the Vice President of Avenue of Hope a Women’s Teen Challenge.
For her unselfish and dedicated work both in religion and in civics, Rev. Russell has received a number of awards recognizing her contributions in the field of religion and to society.  She received a Leadership Global Award from International Third World Leaders Association (ITWLA), in November 2002.  Special recognition from Kemp Road Ministries for Community Service in February 2003.  Special Leadership Award  Pace-Setter Women’s Ministry from the Assemblies of God in the Bahamas National Women’s Ministries in October 2003.  Recognized for Continuous Contributions within the Kemp Road Community from the Kemp Road Outreach Association in May 2005.  The next month, in June 2005 recognition from The Uriah McPhee Primary School for ‘Invaluable Service’ to the School and the Community.  Also in July 2005, The Global Vision Award in recognition of ‘Exceptional Leadership’ and ‘Devoted Service’ in the field of Religion from the King Humanitarian and Global Foundation Inc. The Conquering Lion Award from Big Harvest Ministries in January 2006 for succeeding against all odds and having the boldness of a conquering Lion.  In 2007 received an award from One Bahamas in recognition of Service and in 2009 awarded ‘Mother of the Year’ by her Church and an Assemblies of God Founding Member’s Plaque.   2012 Honoured by Prison Fellowship Bahamas as an outstanding Mother and for personal contribution and involvement in the ministry.  
Rev. Russell was ordained as an Assemblies of God Minister in 1987 and appointed a Marriage Officer in 1988.  Today she continues to serve as Pastor of Glad Tidings Tabernacle in Kemp Road, host her children’s radio program, ‘Annie and the Children’ and counsels individuals experiencing personal crisis in their lives. She is still a member of the North Eastern Pastor’s Alliance only recently having demitted the President’s Office but serves as the Chaplain.  Rev. Russell remains an enthusiastic and devoted servant of the Lord serving in humility and love.

Kelsie Dorsett

Kelsie Dorsett the first Bahamian female Director of the Department of Statistics has a passion for statistics as she fully appreciates the important role it plays in providing planners, policy makers, businesses, researchers and the general public with information needed to govern their everyday activities.  Kelsie is amply qualified for this work being a graduate from the University of Western Ontario with a Masters specializing in social Demography.  Her Bachelor’s Degree from McMaster University (Canada) is a combined Honours Degree covering the Social Sciences.  Prior to her University education, she attended the Government High School where she obtained her GCE O and A levels.

Her sojourn at Statistics was preceded by a short period of teaching at the Government High School where she became endeared to her students particularly the slower learners and did all in her power to empower them to meet the challenges which confronted them.  Her illustrious career at Statistics spans thirty-six years during which time she was a Census Officer, Head of the Labour Force and Household Section, Head of the Social Statistics Division and a member of the Directorate staff and eventually Director.

During this period she coordinated the 2000 and 2010 Census of Population and Housing as well as the first Survey of Living Conditions.  She was responsible for the labour force survey becoming a biannual one which also was expanded to include the informal sector.  The department also now has a fully operational website and a Publication Release calendar, among other initiatives.

Kelsie has represented the country at numerous regional and international conferences and workshops which afforded her the opportunity to visit several Asian countries such as India, South Korea and Hong Kong; Senegal; numerous South American Countries, parts of the United States and most Caribbean countries.  As she matured as a statistician her expertise resulted in her being a part of several expert groups, the most auspicious one being the United Nations Expert Group on Census of Population and Housing.  For six years she was a member of the Advisory Caribbean Statisticians, and also served two terms as the Caribbean representative on the Executive Committee of the Statistical Conference of the Americas.  In addition to the expert groups she is also a member of several regional working groups, one of which was responsible for the production and implementation of the ‘Code of Good Practice in Statistics in Latin America and The Caribbean’.

As there is more to life than work, Kelsie who is a Christian, is actively involved in her church where she is a member of the Prayer Band and a co-leader of a cell group.  She is a member of the Cancer Society of The Bahamas; a past Director of its Board as well as former Head of its Education Programme.  She is also a member of the graduating GHS class of 1968 which meets regularly for fellowship and some charitable work.

Kelsie enjoys wonderful companionship with Edmund, her husband of thirty-seven years.  They have one daughter, Daria who is in her final year of Dental School.  Her mother, Jennie Wilson, is cherished as the matriarch of the extended family.

Iris L. Williams

Iris L. Williams Born in the quaint settlement of High Rock, East Grand Bahama, is an ordained minister, teacher of the Word of God and former high school educator. She obtained her teaching certification at the Teacher’s Training College in San Salvador, Bahamas and selflessly devoted her life to teach in the public education system.

Having faithfully served as an educator for over thirty-five years, Min. Williams recognized that the time had come to join her husband, Bishop Godfrey R. Williams, in full-time ministry. Thus, in September 2007, she retired from teaching and began serving as the Church Administrator at Jubilee. Min. Williams also serves as Chairwoman of Jubilee Cathedral’s Church Council and has been the Chairwoman of Sunland Baptist Academy’s School Board for the past ten (10) years.

Ask any of her former students and they’ll most likely describe her as being strict. But because of her unwillingness to allow ‘normal’ to be the standard, she may often be found encouraging others to discover the depths of their full potential. In the same way, Min. Williams continues to encourage people, especially younger men and women, to live pure and holy lives before God regardless of the situations or phases they may find themselves experiencing. She firmly believes in demonstrating the Word of God through her actions as best as she can, which is the greatest sermon one could ever preach.

She and her husband are biological parents of six and spiritual parents of thousands. Together they shepherd the members, followers, and disciples of Jubilee Cathedral in Freeport, Grand Bahama.

Geneva Elizabeth Major-Rutherford

Geneva Elizabeth Major-Rutherford was born at Mortimer’s, Long Island, was educated at Mortimer’s All Age School in South Long Island; Aquinas College, Nassau; St. Benedict’s High School, St. Joseph, Minnesota; and The College of St. Benedict, St Joseph, Minnesota, obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in History, a minor in Secondary Education and Teacher Certification from Minnesota State Department of Education. In May, 1979 she received the Degree of Master of Science in Education (Curriculum and Supervision) from the University of Miami, Miami, Florida.
 A teacher since 1970, she taught at Cathedral High School, St. Cloud, Minnesota, Grand Bahama Catholic High School and Aquinas College in Nassau. She served as Vice-Principal of Mary, Star of the Sea School in Freeport, Grand Bahama from 1975-1979 and as Principal of that institution from 1979-1997.
 A member of the Board of Governors of Ridley College, St. Catherine’s, Ontario Canada from December 1993-2003, she received certifications and retained membership in several international educational and training associations. 

On April 7, 1997, she was appointed to the Senate serving as Senate Vice President from 1997 – 2002.  While serving in the Senate, she participated in several regional conferences on behalf of the Government of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.  She served as Head of Delegation and Speaker both for the Caribbean Region at The Commonwealth Youth Minister’s Meeting in the Solomon Islands in May, 2000 and The United Nations Second World Assembly on Ageing in Madrid, Spain in April, 2002.

Employed with The Grand Bahama Port Authority Group of Companies in February 1998 as the Director of Training, she was later named Director of Community Relations until her retirement in June, 2013.  Apart from training, her duties included the administration of the Scholarships, Donations and Social Programs Department; the latter being done in collaboration with the Ministries of Education, Health and Social Development for the Port Authority’s on-going assistance for The Beacon School for mentally challenged Children; the P.A.C.E. Program for pregnant Teens; Program S.U.R.E for behaviorally challenged High School Students; the eight residential homes for Teen Boys and Girls; and Grace House, a home for pregnant Teens.  She is also an Executive Committee Member for the Grand Bahama Children’s Home, a residential facility for some thirty children in the care of Department of Social Services. 

Additional responsibilities included representing the Port Authority Group of Companies at the National Emergency Management Agency’s monthly meetings and at the NEMA Command Center during all hurricanes and emergencies.  On behalf of the Port Authority, she annually ensured that all companies in Freeport’s Industrial Park were prepared for the Hurricane Season.

  President of The Free National Movement Women’s Association from 1994 –1995, she was also a founding member and Chairperson of the Grand Bahama Women in Action Committee from 1996-2002.  In 2000 she commenced work as a part time Lecturer at the College of the Bahamas, where she continues as a CEES Instructor, and in 2000 she was named Patron of the Geneva Rutherford HOYTES Girls Basketball Tournament.

Upon retirement from the Grand Bahama Port Authority in June, 2013, she commenced employment at the Sir Charles Hayward Library as the Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors.  She is married to Willard A. Rutherford, and has two stepsons, Dr. Keino Rutherford and International Jazz Singer and Grammy Award winner, Michael Mattison.

Loretta E. Robinson-Thomas

Loretta E. Robinson-Thomas  was born on the island of New Providence, Loretta began her tertiary education at  Northeastern University College of Science and Forsyth School for Dental Hygienists in Boston, Massachusetts. While pursuing her university studies,  Loretta's innate social consciousness  led her to volunteer her time and talent in support of children’s outreach programs in an underserved community in Back Bay just outside of Boston.
 As a registered dental hygienist, licensed by the American Dental Hygienists Association, she became board certified and licensed to practice in the states of  Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Washington and Florida in 1982. Loretta was afforded the opportunity to work in research for a  company that manufactures oral health products and continue her community oral health program, which would  be funded by that company.  She seriously considered the offer, but ambivalently decided to return home where she would make her contribution.
 With her strong commitment to community, she became actively involved in promoting oral health awareness at the Ranfully Home for Children, youth organizations and elementary schools. She enjoyed a fulfilling career as a dental hygienist.

She became a member of the Business and Professional Women's Association of the Bahamas, served as a member of several women’s organizations including WOMAN - A Scholarship Committee, empowering women through education, Miss Bahamas Beauty Pageant Committee and The Hopedale Centre (For Special Needs Children).  

She is an advocate of living with a spirit of optimism, living your best life and a life of gratitude. She adds "do not be afraid  to pursue your dreams". As a young girl, Loretta Thomas nee Robinson, had several career aspirations; interior design, fashion and a career in the discipline of science. This all made for an ambiguous career path. However, Loretta was always mindful of her aspiration to be an empowered and successful business woman.

In 1994 she married Dr. Carlos Thomas and the couple moved to the United States of America.
While Dr. Thomas pursued his studies in pediatrics and later neonatology, Loretta quickly found her niche in her new home and community. She continued her career as a dental hygienist while pursuing studies in business administration and interior design. In 1997 the couple joyfully welcomed their son and first child and twenty-one months later celebrated the birth of their first daughter. Becoming a busy mother left no time her career, however she join a support group of mothers driven by their love for children and  desire to empower women through education. Together, they lived the words “Let me not  defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again”. They called themselves the "stroller brigade”, they collected new and gently used baby items, clothing, baby formula and educational literature for mothers infected with HIV / AIDS living in a small village in Uganda.

Upon returning to Nassau in 2002, Loretta put her business administration and interior design talents into practice as she and her husband opened his pediatric practice, Pediatric Associates in Nassau. As managing partner in the practice, she continues to oversee the business aspect of the practice.

In December 2013, just before Christmas Mrs. Thomas opened the doors to Platinum Bride Couture, an exquisite bridal and social occasion boutique on Parliament Street in the heart of Nassau. Encouraged by her proud husband, she is able to exercise her talents as she dresses leading ladies in Nassau. Her  bridal business was only six months old when she organized a gala fund raiser, closed off Parliament Street  to vehicular traffic and staged a runway show. All proceeds from the event were donated to the Bahamas AIDS Foundation in support of AIDS education, prevention and treatment. Earlier this year she  founded a young ladies ministry, Ladies of Grace, Principal and Distinction, encouraging young ladies to live a life of graciousness and gratitude, seek to make good choices and aim for excellence. Mrs. Thomas credits her christian faith, love, devotion and support of her husband and their three amazing children Sean-Ryan, Channing and Courtney to her staying grounded and centered. The Thomas’ worship at Saint Christopher’ Anglican Church.
Evelyn Glinton

Evelyn Glinton is a native of Bimini.  She presently serves as the Principal of St. Paul’s Methodist College where she has served in this capacity for the past 20 years.

She received her early education at The Western Junior and Secondary Schools.  From there she went on to St. John’s College in Nassau, and completed her High School education at Freeport High School in Freeport, Grand Bahama.

After High School she matriculated at Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee in 1975 where she obtained her B.A. in Education with a minor in Psychology.

Upon graduation, she returned home and joined the staff of Queen’s College in Nassau where she served in the Primary school for three (3) years, prior to taking up her post at St. Paul’s in 1977.

As a Community minded person, Lin has given and continues to give her time and talents both professionally and socially.  Noted among her civic involvements have been her organization of three successful “Woman” Trade Fairs in Freeport, Grand Bahama in 1986 – 1989; President of The Grand Bahama Principals’/Vice Principals’ Association; member of The Bahamas Association For The Mentally Challenged, and a Past President and Charter Member of The Pilot Club of Freeport.  She presently serves as Co-chairperson on The Red Rose Ball Committee.

She has a concern for her country and the development of young persons in particular and gives thanks to God, for his blessings and strength which she declares contributed to her success and achievements to this point.

Sonia Cox Hamilton

Sonia Cox Hamilton has extensive background in the Hospitality Industry as well as the Credit Union Movement.

She has served in numerous managerial positions in Hotels in the Bahamas, having attained top positions such as Financial Controller of Lucayan Bay & Lucayan Harbour Inn in Freeport and later of Emerald Beach Hotel in Nassau, General Manager of Carnival Crystal Palace Resort & Casino as well as Vice President of Human Resources at the same resort.


Sonia has developed a passion for the Financial Cooperatives (Credit Unions). She worked as Managing Director at National Workers Cooperative Credit Union for almost seven years. She has served as Supervisory Committee Chairman, Secretary of the Board of Directors and presently as Chairman of the Board of Directors for National Workers Cooperative Credit Union Ltd. Being the first female Chairman of the Board has its’ challenges which she has embraced as opportunities. She has served on various committees in Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions.  

 She obtained an Associate degree in Business Administration from College of Bahamas. She also pursued studies at College of St. Benedict and University of Miami.

Sonia Cox Hamilton

Sonia has “broken the glass ceiling” several times: 1st Female secretary to Board of Hotel Employers Association; Founding President of Bahamas’ International Association of Hospitality Accountants; 1st Bahamian female to attain designation of Certified Hospitality Administrator from American Hotel & Motel University in Michigan; Leadership Award from Credit Unions in Bahamas. She was also awarded “Business Woman of the year 1985. She is the first female Chairman of National Workers Cooperative Credit Union and most recently, in January 2015 she was awarded the top hospitality recognition in the Bahamas, the Cacique Award for Human Resources Development.


She presently serves as President of the Bahamas Cooperative League Ltd., the Apex body that oversees all Cooperatives in the Bahamas.


She is deeply involved in community work and serves as Chairman of the Fundraising Committee of the Maritime Museum, a member of the Development Council for the Benedictine Nuns in the Bahamas, and President of the Sea Breeze Neighborhood Watch


She conducts training sessions for corporate clients. Her hobbies include dramatic art, travel and writing. She is an original member of ‘James Catalyn Friends”. She has also written several skits and short stories.


She loves her church family and welcomed the opportunity when presented to serve on the Fund raising Committee for the Church’s Annual Ball whose proceeds were to assist in the new St. Francis Xavier Cathedral Building Fund.


She attends St. Francis Xavier Cathedral as well as St. Cecelia’s Roman Catholic Church.


She is the mother of three daughters, Sydnell, Sonja and Serena and one son, Sean (deceased).  She values family and friends and goes to great lengths to make them comfortable.

Mitzie Christine Chipman
Mitzie Christine Chipman, born October 25th, 1957 in Nassau, Bahamas  to cultural legends John and   
Rebecca Chipman. John Chippie Chipman the godfather of Junkanoo, mastered of the art of making and beating the native goatskin drum. Rebecca “Becky” Chipman, Queen of the Fire dance and Goombay. Mitzie inherited her mother’s charm, grace and her father’s vigor and sturdy acumen. Growing up in such a family, deeply rooted in Bahamian culture, specifically in the entertainment field, she couldn’t miss developing a passion for her Bahamian heritage. In 1969, Mitzie performed with her mother during the Goombay Summer, a Bahamian festival of highlighting local culture, food and music.

In 1972, she was one of the first sets of Bahamians hired as line dancer by the Le Cabaret Theatre, a Las Vegas style performance held in the theatre in Paradise Island Resorts and Casino, presently known at the Atlantis. After four (4) years she was promoted to lead dancer and continued to grace the stage with her elegance and artistic talents for eleven (11) years after. During her tenure she went to Montreal for six (6) months with Tibor Rudas Productions and under Mr Rudas, one of the world’s greatest producers, she mastered her craft though his mentoring. She took her life’s motto from this experience, which is “to love what you do, do it the best you can and always strive for greater”.
Upon her retirement from the Le Cabaret Theatre, she entrenched herself further into her love of Bahamian culture. She opened a business called “Junkanoo and Tings”, which manufactures and retails Bahamian trinkets, jewellery and souvenirs. Presently “Junkanoo and Tings” is located in the world renowned Atlantis in the Marina Village.

Following her passion for Bahamian culture, while taking her experience from the Le Cabaret, this prominent cultural performer presented a world class Bahamian production “Rhythms of  Drums”. It was held at The  Rainforest Theatre in  the Wyndham Resort and  Crystal Palace Casino on August 6th and 7th, 2009. “Rhythms of Drums” was like no other the island had ever seen and is legendary in its own right. The production ruptured the audience into a premium “Broadway-styled experience”, but ultimately it was heavily ingrained with Bahamian culture.

Mitzie continues to be active in both Junkanoo and Goombay, continuing the Chipman legacy of Bahamian cultural excellence. She is also a very active member of the St. Agnes Parish and is on the Culture Committee. She is a loving mother to her two (2) sons, Metellus and John, and three (3) grandchildren.  Mitzie continues to be a cultural activist.
                                   ANN MARIE DAVIS

Ann Marie Davis Members of the public may see her as the poised wife of one of the most important men in The Bahamas (the Deputy Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip “Brave” Davis, QC, MP). However, those who know her or have had the opportunity to work alongside her, whether at one of her charities or in the professional arena know Mrs. Davis to be an unassuming and avid humanitarian, especially in the areas of gender equality and women’s rights.

Mrs. Davis’ tireless fight for the empowerment and full enfranchisement of women, especially those that are poor and marginalised has led her to become involved in social and community work. These programmes include Teen Challenge, the S.T.R.A.W. Inc. Centre for Women, the Urban Renewal Programme and the Bahamas Sexual Health and Rights Association (also known as Bahamas Family Planning).

As the Patron for Bahamas Sexual Health and Rights Association, Mrs. Davis has lent her name, voice and talents to the local fight for reproductive health and rights. In this capacity, Mrs. Davis has done the Association the great honour of launching and acting as a facilitator in the Association’s “Baby Can Wait” Programme. This innovative and highly participatory  programme is aimed at young women, ages 15 to 24 years, at-risk for juvenile delinquency and premature parenthood. It employs a research-based curriculum which aims to counteract social and interpersonal forces that impede young women’s development, by promoting an emotionally safe setting within which young women can analyse their circumstances and choices. In short, “Baby Can Wait” seeks to build self-esteem and self-determination. This work Mrs. Davis simply views as a continuation of her community work with the Urban Renewal Programme where she mentors many young women.

Further, Mrs. Davis has supported the Women’s Bureau of Affairs in its work, especially as it relates to the elimination of violence against women and girls. To this end, she was part of the Bahamian delegation to the “Commission on the Status of Women” Conference, at The United Nations for the past three consecutive years. She continues to advocate for an end to all types of discrimination and violence against women and girls, and welcomes any opportunity - public or private, formal or informal - to speak out against gender-based violence and discrimination.

Although she is most passionate about human rights issues, Mrs. Davis fundamentally believes in being a voice for all “beings” that cannot speak for themselves; this includes animals. As a devoted Board Member of the Bahamas Humane Society, she has assisted with many programmes including “Operation Potcake,” a spay and neutering programme for the local dog breed and cats, which became a huge success and have raised awareness of the proper care of pets. As a volunteer with the Human Society, Mrs. Davis also assists with Fund Raising and the staging of the annual balls.

A dedicated member of the Pilot Club of Nassau, she continues to do extensive work for several charities especially people with brain disorders, and is on the Fundraising Committee which is now charged with raising funds for the Therapeutic Pool for which ground will be breaking this year.

In her professional life, Mrs. Davis is a Licensed Chartered Accountant, having studied at the London School of Accountancy in London, England, and is also a Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants of Scotland. She is an active member of the Bahamas Institute of Chartered Accountants, and for a number of years, worked with the Continuing Professional Education and Public Relations Committees.

She is an active member of St. Christopher’s Anglican Church where she has taught Sunday School, and now serves as Treasurer of the Parish and member of the Finance Committee, and is also on the Vestry,  the church’s decision making Caucus.

Notwithstanding all of her help with different causes and charities, Mrs. Davis believes that her greatest accomplishment has been the rearing of her two well-adjusted and confident children. 

                                   ELLEN SERVILLE


Ellen Serville is a graduate of the Government High School, the University of the West Indies (Mona Campus) where she completed her undergraduate studies and the University of Miami where she completed her postgraduate studies.   

She commenced her professional life as a teacher at The Government High School in 1970 later moving on to the College of The Bahamas in 1976 where she served as a Lecturer in the Humanities Division and thereafter as Chairperson of that Division before her appointment as Dean of Academic Affairs of the College.

In August 1981 she changed careers and commenced her legal studies joining the law firm of Seligman Maynard & Co. and in September 1985, she was admitted to practice as a Counsel and Attorney at The Bar of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

Mrs. Serville later became a Partner in the law firm of Maynard & Co. and was a founding Partner in the firm of Gibson, Serville & Co., where she practiced for a few years before starting her own law firm, Serville & Co. in 1994.


 In August of 2011 Mrs. Serville was appointed a Stipendiary and Circuit Magistrate of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and currently presides over the Civil and Domestic Court which is charged with determining all Family matters in the Magistrates Court in New Providence.

As a part of her community involvement, Mrs. Serville currently serves as a Director of the Cable Bahamas Cares Foundation and also a Director of the Tara Xavier Hepburn Foundation, both organizations committed to the overall development of young persons through their various charitable grants and outreach programmes.  She has held both positions for a number of years and considers it an honour to serve her community through those organizations.

Mrs. Serville is married to Brian Serville and they are the proud parents of three (3) sons and the equally proud grandparents of four (4) grandchildren.

Dianna Swann

Diana Lydia Swann nee Wilson "I Am Woman! Hear Me Roar!" These words adequately describe Diana Lydia Swann nee Wilson. Her determination to succeed in what many at the time called “a man’s world” has helped her fashion a legacy of “firsts” that women throughout this country, region and indeed the world can be proud of.Born in Fresh Creek, Andros to a Bahamian mother and Columbian father, Swann chose to broaden her horizons in Freeport, Grand Bahama and, following a brief stint at the Bahamas Oil Refinery Company (BORCO) in the early 1970’s, found her passion for serving her fellow country man in Journalism. Her career in Journalism began in the late 1970’s in print as a reporter for the Freeport News, Grand Bahama’s leading daily newspaper. There she began to hone her craft and develop a style that would not only reach the masses, but touch them as well. She then joined the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas’ ZNS Northern Service in the early 1980’s as a radio news reporter for Radio 810AM, quickly becoming a recognized and trusted voice and the first female anchor for the local radio station. Her ambition to succeed would not allow her to stop there though and with the introduction of television news at the Northern Service, Swann became the first lead and female television anchor in North.

Noted as a pioneer in Journalism, Swann’s talent and drive propelled her to even higher heights and greater “firsts” at the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas (BCB) and indeed in Journalism in Grand Bahama. She is the first female Deputy Director of News in the North and the first female General Manager to come up through the ranks. She is credited with the implementation of ZNS TV’s Community Page, the development and enhancement of the station’s Abaco office, as well as the establishment and hosting of a number of programmes and productions that have remained favourites for viewers like For The Record and Eye on Health

The leader of a number of hurricane teams providing coverage for the Northern Service, Diana Swann’s ability to capture the attention of her listeners has been touted throughout The Bahamas as she was able to bring calm to what some say was a community on edge during several of Grand Bahama’s worst disasters – the storms of 2004 and 2005. 

She is also known for her coverage of many local, national and international assignments and dignitaries, and has represented ZNS and The Bahamas in the field of Broadcasting at various conferences, leadership seminars and forums abroad, and under her leadership there was a tremendous upswing in revenue at the Northern Service, with over one million dollars being raised in a year’s time.

Swann also led the establishment of a wide range of initiatives geared at aiding and uplifting the community: the Wish Upon A Star programme brought cheer to children in need during the Christmas holiday through the hosting of a fun day with festive music, eats and drinks, and a gift for every child in attendance; the Mother’s Day concert paid tribute to matriarchs throughout the entire Grand Bahama community; and the March for Healthy Lifestyles programme reiterated the importance of exercise and eating healthy for a healthier mind, body and soul.

In 2007, Swann accepted an invitation to assist in leading a fledgling television station in the Turks & Caicos Islands – the first HD-enabled television station in the region. In addition to her duties as General Manager, she was instrumental in setting up the newsroom and training the then inexperienced news staff, as well creating avenues for revenue, helping to make TCI New Media a rival station in just a few months time.

As has been her trend, Swann also became a widely recognized media relations figure in the Turks & Caicos Islands and, following the closure of TCI New Media due to politics in that country, she went on to exercise her expertise as a Public Relation’s consultant and host of a morning radio show in the TCI on SmoothFMTCI.  Swann named the show “The Breakfast Club” it provided morning talk fun entertainment educational and exciting topics.

She has since returned to The Bahamas to lead the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas as General Manager.

Swann has three children: Gevin Adderley, Garrette Aruschka Lydell  and Jondee Swann. She married John Swann (deceased) in 1988.

Her children are Tame, Charlisa and Shavonnia, Jordache and Joedy Swann.


Dr. Agreta C.L. Eneas-Carey M.D.

Dr. Agreta C. L .Eneas-Carey was born in Savannah GA to Dr. and Mrs. Cleveland EneasSr. and came to Nassau at the age of 6 weeks.  She is the last of 3 children and is the only girl. As the school was only accredited for 2 years at the time, students had to transfer and her medical studies were completed at Howard University School of Medicine in Washington D.C. where she graduated with her M.D. degree. Upon graduation Dr. Eneas-Carey was accepted into the Family Medicine Residency Program at University Hospitals, Case Western Reserve University at Cleveland, Ohio where she completed a 3 year residency in Family Medicine and became Board Certified. She worked for 2 years in Cleveland at the Clement Centre, an inner city health centre, and also did volunteer work at a free medical clinic one or two nights per week.  


Her formative years were spent in Nassau where she completed her high school studies at St. Augustine’s College at 15years of age receiving the class award for English Literature. She then spent a year at the Government High School in Lower 6 and at 16years of age, she entered Fisk University in Nashville TN and graduated 4 years later with a degree in Biology. She returned home after college and worked for 1 year teaching Biology at CC Sweeting Senior High School and then entered Atlanta University to pursue a Masters Degree in Physiology.


As her desire was always to be a doctor since the age of four, while at Atlanta University she applied to medical school and was accepted into the Charter Class of the Morehouse College School of Medicine.his was indeed a privilege and an honor.

In 1987 Dr. Eneas-Carey moved back to Nassau and began to work at The Princess Margaret Hospital in the General Practice Clinic where she functioned as Acting Head of Department and worked with Dr. Patrick Whitfield and Dr. Elaine Lundy to develop the Family Practice Service at The Princess Margaret Hospital.


In 1990, Dr. Eneas-Carey left The Princess Margaret Hospital and ventured into private practice where she began to provide home care for the sick and shut in elderly hence she was asked to consider working at the Geriatric Hospital and after applying for the post she was appointed as the 1st Consultant at the Geriatric Hospital in 1993.

She was instrumental in organizing several initiatives.  She started the Geriatric Management Committee (GMC), which functioned to oversee the general running of the hospital.  Many pilot programs were implemented through the GMC e.g. re-organizing the layout of the wards, the development of the Rx room on the first floor, the introduction of giving flu vaccines annually and pneumococcal vaccines to the geriatric patients to name a few.

She organized several educational symposia with visiting lecturers and spearheaded the first Open House to educate and increase the awareness of Geriatrics in the community.

Physical upgrades were lobbied for e.g. the introduction of central air.

Dr Eneas-Carey chaired the first Caribbean Forum on Health and Aging which was hosted by the Ministry of Health in conjunction with PAHO in 1998, and 22 countries participated.  Out of this Forum, the National Council on Aging was formed and she was appointed to be a charter member of this organization in 1999. The year 1999 had also been designated as the International Year of the Older Person by the WHO.


Dr. Carey also served as the chairperson of the National Multidisciplinary Committee on aging for the Ministry of health and during this period the Fox Hill Geriatric clinic was started.  This clinic occurred on the last Friday of every month and was added to the weekly geriatric clinic which was held at the Anne’s Town Clinic off Kemp Road.


Dr. Carey presented on the state of affairs on aging in the Bahamas at the American Society on Aging Conference which was held in Orlando FL in 1999.  She presented “An Update on Dementia” at the MAB Conference in 2004.  She continues to speak at numerous community and church functions.

Dr. Carey currently is an associate lecturer in the Department of Medicine at The University of The West Indies School of Medicine, Nassau, Bahamas and also is a lecturer in the Department of Family Medicine.  She also serves as an examiner for medical student exams when needed here and abroad.

She continues with her work as Consultant at the Geriatric Hospital and also has a private practice on Meadow St. “W. V. Eneas Medical Clinic” in the building where her father was born.  The clinic is named after her paternal grandfather, Bishop W. V. Eneas.

She worships at St. Andrews Presbyterian Kirk where she serves as an Elder and teaches Sunday School.
She is married to Retired Assistant Commissioner of Police, James A. Carey and the couple has two children, James Audley, Carey IV and Jolanda Carolyn Muriel Carey.

SOFIA J. PAPAGEORGE is an Associate with law firm Delaney Partners and works alongside the former Attorney General of The Bahamas, Mr John KF Delaney QC. Her practice focuses on securities, investment funds, banking, financial services law and regulation and commercial matters. She has acted in various aspects of commercial transactions, including financial regulatory, corporate, trust and estates, immigration, and employment matters.


Prior to joining Delaney Partners in 2013, Ms. Papageorge served as an Associate with Klonaris & Co. following stints at that law firm as an intern and Pupil. While pursuing studies in the UK she also served as a Court Marshall at Cambridge Crown Court. She was Admitted as a Barrister of Lincoln’s Inn for England & Wales in 2010 and to The Bahamas Bar in 2011. She received her LLB (Hons-First Class) from the University of Buckingham (UK) and an LLM (Corporate & Commercial Law) from the University of Cambridge (UK).


Ms. Papageorge is a member of various working groups of the Bahamas Financial Services Board and has assisted with the private sector review of the Securities Industry Act, 2011 and the Securities Industry Regulations, 2012.



In 2014, Ms. Papageorge was appointed the Honorary Consul of the Hellenic Republic to The Bahamas and is currently the youngest serving Honorary Consul in The Bahamas. 


Ms. Papageorge is fluent in Greek and English and in her spare time enjoys yoga and traveling.